Wellness in Gallipoli

The stunning terraces overlooking the sea and the old town, with its white walls covered in colorful bougainvillea, are the perfect place to relax and enjoy a fresh drink. Palazzo Mosco Inn has a cosy wellness room where it is possible to book treatments and the following massages:

Treatments & Massages

Ayurvedic Massage (50 mins) € 70,00
Coming from the oriental culture, it can become a real lifestyle, it helps relaxing through the sweet sounds of nature and the soft handling.
Lymphatic Drainage massage (50 mins) € 60,00
It is perfect to give your body a strong regenerating and purifying sensation with the help of the eucalyptus essence and its properties. It’s perfect to relieve the effects of swelling.
Anticellulite massage (50 mins) € 60,00
Certainly a more decisive handling with a sweet lemon scent, known as the fruit of the mediterranean land with astringent properties. It helps your body to attenuate orange orange peel effect.
Anticellulite (massage + Mud) (80 mins) € 75,00
The impact of marine muds combined with massage is perfect to alleviate liquid stagnation.
Massage Sharm (50 mins) € 80,00
A technique of energetic and enveloping massage that gives pleasure, protection and energy that flows to the first and seventh chakra to rediscover a sensorial wealth coming from oriental essences.
Tantra Breathing Massage (75 mins) € 100,00
Coming from the oriental culture, it is based on the respiration and it is a mix between powerful and relaxing handling. It helps you to discover your deepest inside and to stretch muscle groups striked by daily stress.
Decontracting Back Massage (25 mins) € 30,00
Achieved by a more powerful handling it helps to alleviate muscle pains and persistent contractures, thanks to the use of pure essential natural oils which gradually warm up and melt.
Face, head and feet massage (35 mins) € 45,00
Regenerating massage with unique characteristics, based on techniques of relaxation and wellness concentrated on energy blocks of our body.
Face Massage (30 mins) € 40,00
It is a treatment that concerns face and dècolletè. It has a bracing, deeply relaxing, revitalizing, anti-age effect.
Plantar Reflexology (35 mins) € 40,00
Massage tenchique inspired by old traditional chinese medicine and based on the concept of reflexology and energy.
Salento Massage (50 mins) € 90,00
It is a massage that includes colours and scents of Salento, developed to capture body and mind in complete wellness, reached while completely immersed into beauties of Salento.
Personalized Massage (50 mins) € 60,00
An amazing and unforgettable massage which respects the body in its together uniqueness, bringing together expertly varied techniques as needed or as the guest prefers.
Booking direct via our hotel website is the best way to book.


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For bookings longer than 7 days, to guarantee the reservation, the guest must make a bank transfer with CRO code of 30% of the total amount of the stay, the remaining 70% will be paid by bank transfer within the scheduled date of cancellation free of charge.